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Never Die Young

Where is Matt? At Bush School!

This is an awesome video that Charlotte’s school, The Bush School (k-12), recently put together. Chartie herself can actually be seen at the 2:17 mark, she’s wearing a tan skirt with a long sleeve shirt. Remember, when in doubt…you dance!

On October 30th, 2012 The Bush School invited Matt Harding to speak to the school about his experiences meeting people from different cultures and countries through dance.

We performed Matt’s now-famous dance with him, but also taught him our own “Bush School dance.”

The song “Yeehaw” was created by Jordan, a member of the Class of 2013. The dance was inspired by the song and choreographed by Chris Daigre, one of our teachers.

Our school enjoyed sharing a bit of our K-12 culture with Matt!

Just Dance!

When life completely overwhelms you, you just have to dance!