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Mike Dougherty is a seasoned public speaker. As a professional in the financial world, Mike has spoken to countless audiences, large and small, about financial planning and products.

Today, Mike loves to share about his journey with cancer and inspire audiences to embrace hope into their lives.

Mike is honored to have spoken to audiences at LivHome and Accuray about his journey with cancer. His firm belief that “with hope, anything is possible,” has inspired and energized audiences touched by cancer and the many other challenges life presents.

Mike welcomes the opportunity to speak to large and small audiences. To contact Mike, please fill out in detail the form below. Please include:

  • The purpose for your request
  • The location, date and time of your event
  • Approximate attendance
  • Pertinent contact information

Thank you for your interest!

This is a presentation Mike Dougherty shared with LivHOME in July 2008. Mike’s story of hope and possibility continues today, and future presentations will be customized for his audiences and reflect the changes Mike has experienced through the years.

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