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It was a good day…

Chart, the birthday girl!

The birthday girl and me!

We made it. Birthday party number 6 is in the books. Two weeks ago, a still 5 year old precious little angel named Charlotte Hope politely pleaded and prayed that I would be able to attend. I wasn’t going to miss this for the world. These last two weeks have been all about that. I made it. It was perfect.

And guess what I found? Remember the LP (long playing) record?  Remember it’s little cousin the 45? On iTunes I stumbled upon the first 45 I ever had. “Rock me Gently,” by Andy Kim. I still love this song. No idea why. The lyrics are nasty and make no sense.

And lots more good stuff happening around here. I finished the rough draft of my book. Erin and I are now in back and forth mode until we reach consensus. Please indulge, and let me throw some modesty out the window for a minute. This is frickin awesome to me. I’m kind of proud of what I’ve accomplished, especially under the circumstances.  Atta boy, Doe!!

And there’s more. My friend Matt Sturges came to visit. Grams is here, and sold her house. William is coming for a week to babysit me. Cindy Lawry is coming for a visit. Dr. Kaplan said I looked great. I’ve graduated from level 1 physical therapy (home based) to outpatient rehab. The Red Sox are in first place. My sister is coming for a 3 day visit (by herself). My daughter is funny, and my wife is beautiful.  Pinch me.



giddee yup




Chart and Pegasus



the cowpokey’s



silly slingers



mom and dad survive #6

31 Responses to “ “It was a good day…”

  1. Michelle Feldman says:

    Beautiful! I love these photos. :) What a happy day!! Big kisses and squeezes to our 6 year old girl, please! I’ll be calling tomorrow after work. :) SO glad to hear you’ve graduated to outpatient rehab. Good news all around! xo

  2. Siobhan says:

    Happy happy day to that sweet cowgirl! And happy day to you and Jennie too. Can’t wait to read the book! xo

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      I’m going to need a good team of “rough draft” readers with the skills that you have…any interest?

      • parm says:

        I don’t know who looks happier — Dad or his darling daughter. A very special party that I’m sure Jennie played a major part in planning. Here’s to Charlotte’s 7th birthday party with the same cast! xxooparm
        ps Don’t forget Frank – he’s a great proofer (has already proofed 2 books for a friend – he catches stuff that even the editors miss!)

        • Mike Dougherty says:

          Franks already on the proof team, he and I are going to proof over the bottle of Pinot he owes me for our US Open bet :)

  3. Shelly Thompson says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlotte!!!! SO glad you are doing outpatient rehab now! What adorable pictures!! Looking forward to the book.

  4. Becky Silliman says:

    Wow! Always love your posts happy birthday to your beautiful girl. So amazed that you wrote a book through all of this great job! Your family beautiful your posts are so uplifting. Thank you for that.
    Sending lots of Silliman love!

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      Thanks Becky, really appreciate your kind words. I follow your busy lives a little bit through our Facebook friendship, it sure looks like you are making the most of every day. All my best to that big lug er uh stud that you’re married to. You guys look great, haven’t aged a bit :)

  5. Mike Dougherty says:

    Thanks Shell, you can be first in line :)

  6. Billy Kahn says:

    Awesome. I now have bigtime goosebumps. The birthday party horse rides made me think of the movie Parenthood. Thankfully, you didn’t “lose it” like Steve Martin did. LOL. Get that book published so we all can read it!

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      Hey Billy, great to hear from you. You’re killing me with “Parenthood”, loved that movie. Espcially scenes of Justin with the crash helmet on. Classic.

  7. Kristen the Smiss says:

    MIkey – Happy belated to Chart! As I write this, I am playing the “Rock Me Gently” song, and it is a perfect backdrop to your stories and photos–try it! You’ve got all my love and support through writing your book, physical therapy, and EVERYthing else. Way to Go, Doe, is right! xo smiss

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      Smiss miss instant cocoa, thanks for your support. And yes, Rock me Gently, in all of it’s cheesiness, is our new house music :)

  8. John Wight says:


    Congratulations on finishing the book. Great to see you doing well. You continue to inspire…..say hello to Jennie for me.

    All the best-


    • Mike Dougherty says:

      Thanks for the well wishes John. Hope all’s well is lovely San Anselmo, all our best to your family, it’s time for an excuse to come visit the big A out here isn’t it? Lot’s of familiar faces.

  9. Stacey Isaacs says:

    Fantastic! All of you look so happy and beautiful. Charlottes 6 year old BFF loves her – all the way from California. Looks like a great party for a Country Music lovin gal like me. Wish I could have been there but the photos will have to suffice. Can’t wait to read the book! Congratulations. xo Stace

  10. Sally Lennon Brown says:

    Mike I am cracking up at the cheesy 70’s song…it reminds me of the time you and I went through your cd’s and sang to all of your 70’s songs. What a great memory!!! Loved the pictures from the party, looks like such a special day. Congrats on the book, proud of you and can’t wait to read it!! We all remember you every day in our prayers. Love you! Sal, D, Beannie and Barrett

  11. Mike Dougherty says:

    Hey B family, I think you are talking about the time in San Diego and Miss Sally was smitten with my collection of oldies but goodies. Miss you guys, hopefully we can all be together soon.

  12. Jeanine Thompson says:

    So happy for you MIke… on all accounts- the book, the bday party and your beautiful family! Tell Charlotte she made a great choice in bday party themes. I had a horse party at about the same age and will never forget it. So special- and made all the more so buy her most prized guest…. YOU!

    Lots of love,


  13. Mike Dougherty says:

    Thanks Bean bags, I remember a certain birthday party we had for you, let me think…hmmm…..a few key words: Luke, Puke, shoe, Molly, Mrs. Grialou, hot tub. I can’t believe I’m still living to tell that one :)

  14. Janet Hagen says:

    This latest entry to your life brings big smiles from your large extended family. Many of us are your readers! We send our love,

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      Thank you Janet, sorry we missed everyone at the Lake this year, but we sure felt your spirits shining on us. Would be fun to do another brunch again soon.

  15. Connie Bang says:

    Super DoeMan!
    Happy Birthday to Charlotte! What a great post. You are inspiring in so many ways, to me and countless others.
    I love this song! I’m going to share it with “C” and beg him to do a cover. Thanks for the educational info. on what LP stands for. I had no idea. Ha! You learn something every day.
    Sending my love and a BIG SQUEEZE to YOU and My Mouse

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      The Mouse says a big hello, give the big “C” our love, and tell him to dissect Mr. Kim’s song, would love to hear it. Thanks for all the love and support, we miss your smiling face.

  16. Tracey says:

    You did it!! So proud of you!! Can’t wait for my signed copy! Happy 6th birthday to Miss Charlotte. She was rocking the cowboy hat! We did a similar party for Ashley’s 5th birthday and we still talk about it! Did I read you are headed this way?! So much to be thankful for… live it up my friend! Love to you all, Tracey and family

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      No plans to head south anytime soon, but we’ll let you know when we do. Thanks for all the support and enjoy the rest of your summer.

  17. susan wayne says:

    Hi Mike – wonderful to see this celebration. Also to hear about your book. I loved the post about fathers/daughters. I see my brother winding his way through raising two daughters, who are close to yours in age. it is one of his biggest joys (if not his biggest joy). sending good wishes for finding many moments of joy this summer. fun to “feel the summer energy” through your post. i do miss that living in SF (although still love living here). big hug to you and Jennie! Susan

  18. Mike Dougherty says:

    Great to hear from you Susan, seeing your name makes me want to do some good eating. We’ve got a couple of goodies up here, and it’s an easy Virgin Airlines (free TV) flight. You could pop up for a weekend and stay with us. You would love this place called Walrus and Carpenter. As NIKE likes to say, “Just do IT” The weather has been spectacular too :)

  19. Leela says:

    You rock Mike! Thanks for sharing your life with me. Big hugs from your friends in the City!

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