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Here we go chemo, here we go…

MD thumbs up

ces’t la vie

When I walked into 1221 Madison Street, I remembered the last time I did something like this was 7 years ago at Stanford.  Seven years ago, I had entered the world of a chemotherapy patient while conveying the familiar IV of too many card-carrying members everywhere.  Seven years ago, we didn’t have much luck, but this time I am hoping for a better outcome.

My dad has been in town for a few days, and he dropped me off raring to go on Monday morning.  After a quick blood test, they wheeled me in, and just a mere 3 hours later, we were done with round 1.  I go back in 8 days.  We do it again.  One round down, then check and see how we did.  I don’t want to jinx it, but so far so good, no ill feelings to speak of, but with all treatments I will probably get some delayed effects.  It’s all relative, as my back is actually feeling better after the radiation treatments I just completed.  Let’s hope that stays the same.

Matt and Chart

me and my padrino

We’ve had a wonderful time just keeping the illness in the back pocket as we wound down our summer.  Our getaway to Whidbey Island could not have come at a better time to rejuvenate us as a family, and gear us up for a good fight ahead.  Matt McCormick came last weekend to visit with us.  We had a great time getting caught up with him and had some nice one-on-one time with him, too.  But the big winner was his goddaughter Miss Charlotte.  He kidnapped her for most of the day Saturday, and at the end of it all she quietly whispered in my ear, “Uncle Matt is the most greatest guy in the whole wide world.” She was dead serious, and could not be more right.

Many of you have passed along to me articles about the exciting recent developments with regard to the immunologic discovery of PD1.  It has hit the press, with high regard.  Rest assured that we have a beat on it.  Dr. Kaplan has already inquired about it and found a trial, perhaps, at the University of Washington that could be something to try if the Gemzar doesn’t seem to work.  I’m also concurrently testing my tumor sample for any kind of mutation or markings at Foundation Health for anything revealing.  So I really feel confident I’ve got all my ducks in a row.

Meanwhile, I continue to rehab and I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting stronger every day.  I can’t begin to thank my daily TLC bunch, (Charlotte, Jennie and Meagan) for putting up with and loving me everyday.  Or the special visits from we’ve received from Cindy Lawrie,  Cathy and Sean Beudoin, Bobby Holt, Matt McCormick, Matt Sturges, Mom, Dad, Shannon, Sonnie, Pete Schrady, Brian Levy, William White, and Stefanie Rodrigues.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you…we are going to get through this, I can feel it!!


The Doughertys (Mike, Jen, Char, and Poke)



another groupie



can I have a cracker?






sleep my love



ride captain ride



is this better than donuts?



you want a piece of me?



ha ha



easy, breezy



you want some more?



I win

21 Responses to “ “Here we go chemo, here we go…”

  1. Jan Irons says:

    Healing thoughts to you and continued strength to your cheerleaders/family units! You’re syrong and driven….I believe in good karma!
    Hugs from your second cousin Jan!

  2. Jan Irons says:

    Ummm….make that *strong*!!!!

  3. Connie Bang says:

    Love to you, Mike aka Super DoeMan, Jen and Charlotte. Power, Strength and Positivity.
    xo, Connie

  4. Shelly Thompson says:

    Go team!!!! I am happy to hear that you are finding new ways to kick cancer’s a**!!!!!!! Love and strength and the power of healing and light surround you!!!!!
    Loads of Love,

  5. Michelle Feldman says:

    If I was cancer, I’d be afraid…very afraid. :) You and your team are awesome Mike. Thinking of you all, and sending lots of love. Michelle xo

  6. Brenda MacLean says:

    Hi Mike
    Storming heaven with our prayers that current treatment will knock the bad guys out.
    Brenda and Don

  7. Siobhan says:

    Michael, with you all the way!! You and chemo got get ’em! You all look great…especially your Mama! She just doesn’t age, does she? Send her my love. xoxo

  8. Sean Beaudoin says:

    Onward and upward! Your mom is awesome. Let’s hang out soon!

  9. Cheri says:

    You are the best! I’m digging that “come and get me” pose. Hang tough and kick this thing’s ass like you have been doing all along. REmember that we love you Mike! Kisses from Cheri, Alessandro, Maddalena and Jasmine

  10. Tracey says:

    Keep your dukes up and that winning smile! We’re with you all the way! Loads of love, Tracey and family

  11. Shannon says:

    Sending lots of love your way and lifting you up in prayer! Always available for a lift to/from treatments. Just let me know!!

  12. Bonnie Fredricks says:

    Always thinking those good thoughts for you and your girls!
    Love, Bonnie and Ray

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