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Fathers and daughters…

Mike with Chart

Me with the lovely and talented Charlotte Hope.

I’ve been working on my book these last few weeks, which has really got me thinking as to what it should look like, what it should say, what emotions it should evoke, etc. I’ve always wanted it to be for and all about Charlotte. Knowing that I probably will not be around for a good part of her life makes me sad. But it also opens up the opportunity I have to be there for her in words. I want the book to provide a snapshot of what life was like for us as a struggling family during my illness.  And I also want it to be something she can always rely on for answers to common questions and pearls of wisdom that she would only get from her dear old dad, me.

With that in mind, I’ve asked 3 great friends, who just happen to be great writers, and great fathers, this question:


What’s it like to be the (48 year old) father of a daughter and what does that mean to you?

Matt and girls

Matt, Madison & Mallory

“Over nineteen years ago, the words “it’s a girl” changed everything for me. The first of two daughters were born and at that moment the sense of accountability I felt was overwhelming. Having three sisters, I knew right away that my key role as a father was about building their self-esteem and supporting them to be confident women. I decided early on to be very involved in their lives by coaching their sports activities and attending any and all school/extra-curricular activities. Being present as a father is one of the most important things I can do for them. I have noticed the more time I put into their lives, the less drama and insecurities are present on a daily basis. Being a father to my two daughters is not an event or goal, but an everyday responsibility. Having both Madison & Mallory in my life makes me whole as a person. If asked today, what is one of your proudest accomplishments as a person, my response would be making time with my daughters a priority.  – Matt McCormick


Steve and girls

Steve and girls

“I am the father of three daughters, and I would have it no other way. I try to give my daughters what any loving father would – a strong home life, a solid upbringing, and a good role model. I often wonder if they will remember anything that I tell them, if anything I say will actually stick. I tend to think not, so I try to lead mostly by example. I keep things simple and try to let them find their own way, let them make some mistakes for the greater good. My daughters can play any sport they want and pursue any career they choose; my main hope is that they live happy and peaceful lives. In the end, I firmly believe my daughters give to me much more than I give to them. I live to see them grow, to see what type of adults they become, to help them in any way possible. They keep me young and make me laugh and, for that, I’m forever grateful to them.”  – Steve Tonas


Amaya & Alisha

Patrick’s girls, Amaya and Alisha


“Being a father to 2 daughters, ages 4 and 16 is NERVE-RACKING! They drive me crazy but I love them to death. Knowing that I’m part of the foundation that will mold them and impact their lives means everything to me. Daughters will usually be attracted to boys…men who have the same characteristics as their father. That being said, I try to show them as much love, affection, sense of humor, guidance and protection as I can. As long as I’ve kept my daughters off the pole, I’m a happy man. In all seriousness, I try to guide them as best as I can, praying the information I’ve provided them will be there voice of reason when issues or situations come about in their lives. They will all go through that stage (teenagers) where they think they have the world figured out, that is where your best and most important parenting takes place. Being a father to my daughters means EVERYTHING in the world to me.”             – Patrick Lewis


As would be befitting to a blog entry about fathers and daughters, I am watching professional golfer Phil Mickelson bear hug his 3 daughters after an incredible victory at the British Open in Scotland.  Way to go Lefty, you seem like an amazing father too!




Me and Chart goofing usual!

Me and Chart goofing off…as usual!


The ultimate dad, Papa Dennis.

The ultimate dad, Papa Dennis.



8 Responses to “ “Fathers and daughters…”

  1. One word – Awesome.

  2. Jan Irons says:

    As always….very great post!

  3. Freddie Greene says:

    Glad to see you looking so much better. Charlotte and you are closer than most daughters and dads and that’s a blessing. Grandpa Dennis is a great dad,too. Tell him I said so.

  4. Freddie Greene says:

    Great to see you looking so much better.

  5. Paige Tonas says:

    My father is Steve Tonas and a stranger to me…. He mentioned he has three daughters but note I was not in the picture….he does not support me in anything I do and has let a year and 6 months go by without seeing me. I feel alone and very sad…. I don’t know why he ignores me and never sees me. This year I was going to come to visit him over the summer, but at the last minute he said his wife said I’m never aloud at his house… I’m beyond destroyed by this, my heart bleeds… Why Steve why are you shunning me? Why go you say you have 3 daughters because you only take care and love two of them.

  6. Paige Tonas says:

    I’m 14 years old he divorced my Mother when she was pregnant with me and had an affair with Roula his current wife while he was married to my Mom and she was pregnant with me.. Haven’t I lost enough? Why does he shun me??? He made his choices and did want he wanted for himself at the time… Why does he still not care what have I done to make him treat me like garbage. I don’t even have his home phone number, he’s never thought I was important enough to have it… He never calls me or even helps me buy school supplies… I wish he cared about me…

  7. Paige Tonas says:

    If my dad Steve Tonas says he loves all his kids he is being phony and this is sad to represent otherwise on this site. I am do touched by everything I’ve read about Mr Mike was that he loved his family very much and they were very blessed to have him as he was to have them. God bless you and keep you and your loved ones in his loving care…

  8. Paige Tonas says:

    My dad Steve Tonas is really good at doing mental gymnastics to ease his conscience.

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