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Brocation 1…

brocation bros

Backyard BBQ’ing with the boys

What is a “brocation?” I will define it as when 5 of your best friends come to stay with you and make you feel better for a couple of nights when you are not feeling so good.

As I have expressed many times, I am lucky that I have such a great group of friends of which I can draw upon to help me through this cancer fight. I was very emotional this morning as I said goodbye to my friend William who has been with me since last Wednesday (when Jen and Chart left for CA).

Man's best friend and mine.

Man’s best friend and mine.



Not only has Will been by my side since Wednesday, he really has been there since 1984 when I met him as a Sigma Nu fraternity brother, some 30 years ago. It didn’t take us long to become close simply because we really enjoyed bringing out a side in each other that isn’t always visible on the surface to others.  We have the ability to bring out the “wild” side in each other, but at the same time we can both bring out the “good” side in each other, too. And when we couple “wild” and “good” together we create “fun,” and together we have experienced a ton of that throughout the years.

William is often misunderstood, but he doesn’t care; he is his own man, and marches to his own beat. He will not compromise or sell out. If you are one of the lucky few whom he lets in, you know and cherish it. Thanks Will, for letting me be a part of your life.

brocation every damn day

Just do it damn it


The other rock on which I have been able to lean on throughout this whole ordeal is my friend Matt. As Charlotte starts first grade tomorrow, it’s hard for me not to think back on first grade as being the year I met my friend, Matt. Just thinking that she may meet someone tomorrow who she will know 42 years from now, and whom she will consider her best friend, is exciting. Matt dropped everything (literally) he was going to come and spend Friday and Saturday with me. He was on a business trip back East that he diverted (never went home) to Seattle to be able to be here with us. Never a week goes by without Matt checking in on me. He has been there for all 5 of my surgeries, right by Jennie’s side. Our friendship transcends so many levels. We are very different people, yet we have found common ground with a deep brotherly love that few have ever experienced.

Matt once told me that if he could put my cancer in his body somehow he would so that he could spare me all of the pain and suffering that I am going through. The amazing thing is, Matt means that, 100%. Who does that? It was also very emotional as Matt left for the airport on Sunday.

Both Matt and William are outstanding fathers in their own right, and I have been fortunate to learn from each of them.  Recently I decided that Charlotte should have two godfathers, and it was a no brainer. One would be William, who we call Papi; and the other would be Matt, who we call Padrino. They will both stand in for me if I am unable to be there, and in my case, this role will more than likely have a player in it.

brocation selfies

Pete, Will, Matt, and Brian

Brocation 1 could not have been complete without a drop-in visit from my two former business partners, Brian Levy and Peter Schrady. The three of us put together a successful investment management firm in the mid 2000’s, and more than anything we became good friends. I hadn’t seen Brian and Pete in several years, so it was really fun to have the whole gang together again. They both know Will and Matt so it was nice to have a great BBQ dinner together Friday night. I was even able to secure multiple bottles of Williams/Seylem Pinot from my wine cabinet in Glen Ellen that I have been saving for these types of special occasions.

It’s a big week upcoming for me health wise. On Thursday, I have a CT scan of my lungs, and I will get the results on Friday.  I really haven’t been focused on the cancer, so this scan will tell me where that stands. Let’s pray for a nice respite.

I have had a bit of a setback as well heading into the scan.  Somehow, and in someway (not really sure), I have tweaked my back in a pretty painful spot. I am hopeful that I just slept wrong or tweaked it by standing or sitting wrong, but it is extremely painful and is compromising my breathing. As a result of the back pain, I have been unable to make much progress physically; in fact I have gone a little backward. I don’t like going backward at all, only forward. Will and Matt spent the last two days trying to come up with a back fix, and it should come as no surprise that they have come up with something. It’s early, but so far it has worked, and yesterday was a good day.



brocation wine bros

Corn, corn, chicken and Pinot

brocation wine

Awww…it was a good year!!

19 Responses to “ “Brocation 1…”

  1. Stacey Isaacs says:

    Sounds like a perfect weekend. Good friends and good wine. Two of life’s greatest comforts!

  2. Katie says:

    It warms my heart to see you surrounded by all those great guys!

  3. Tracey says:

    Cheers to good times and good friends! Will be lifting you up, my friend. Looking forward to photos of Charlotte on her first day of First Grade! Much love, xo

  4. Stephen Fung says:

    Good luck with your scan and hope your back gets better too! You’re in my prayers! You are amazing!

  5. Michelle Feldman says:

    How wonderful to have these special friends in life to help you through such a tremendous battle. The kind of friends that become your chosen family. Where would we be without them? I’m thinking of you Mike, and sending giant hugs. Please give Charlotte a great big hug also on her first day of school, and of course, a hug to Jennie…just for being Jennie. xo

  6. Tanya Fredricks says:

    Every time I read one of your posts, I realize you are still the most amazing Mike I knew in high school and college. I feel pretty secure in knowing that I figured out just how to choose a friend, since I have one like you. Mike, you have every ideal character in a person that a friend could wish/hope for: positive attitude, big heart, fantastic humor, loyalty, honesty, passion, motivation, and the list just keeps going. I am in constant awe of your “centeredness” through all that life has thrown at you. I used to put you up on a pedestal, back in the day, but I realize now, there is no pedestal tall enough. You are truly an angel that has come to teach us all what life is really all about. Continue to live well and love hard my friend. xoxo

  7. Becky Silliman says:

    2 of my favorite friends from college Mike and William. So glad you have each other. Sending lots of love!

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      Thanks Becky, your ears must have been burning, because Will and I were talking about our trip to Palm Springs once upon a time :)

  8. Freddie Greene says:

    You never cease to amaze me. You have so much strength and spirit. This is the Jewish New Year when we ask to be inscribed in the book of life, and I’m asking that for you.

    • Mike Dougherty says:

      Thank you Freddie, I can’t tell you how good all of this makes me feel. In two hours, I was dreading being isolated in a tube with only my thoughts. Now I will be wearing my Charlotte-made friendship bracelet proud, while my thoughts will be filled with some well wishes of people celebrating the Jewish New Year everywhere. Wow, now that’s powerful :)

  9. Laura Henderson says:

    Did the “back fix” include lots of good wine? Hope so. Take Care!

  10. Jim Bennett says:

    Mike, thank YOU for letting us into your life. I am always excited to read your blog and am always left encouraged and uplifted I was just reading an article the other day from the Mayo Clinic about the importance of friendships and their benefits to our health ( What a gift to have these friends in your life.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow with your CT scan findings. As always, I continue to pray for you and your family.


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