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Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation (ACCRF)

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Hope is a Powerful Ally.

And Research is the Angel of Hope.                                                            

ACCRF, or Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma  Research Foundation, supports research into adenoid cystic carcinoma that will accelerate the development of improved therapies and a cure for the disease.

When a wife and mother of four boys under ten hears the word CANCER, it is a kaleidoscope moment that no one can imagine unless they have experienced it. And, when that cancer turns-out to be one of the rarest forms of cancer known to man, there are no words to cover the experience. That is exactly what Marnie Kaufman and her family faced a little over eight years ago. For most people, such news would mean a slow goodbye, but not to these people of absolute determination.


Because this cancer, a cancer of the salivary gland, was so rare, there were few treatment options available. There was no money being spent on research and there was little hope. Frustrated, terrified and angry at the lack of options, Marnie and her husband Jeff stepped-up to the plate and founded the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation or ACCRF in 2005 to research salivary gland cancer.

In the last eight years, the ACCRF has become one of the most exceptional cancer research organizations in the world. They are a talented and dedicated body of family, friends and researchers who have stomped on convention to get the job done. They have become a nationally recognized model for non-profit research. Simply put, they are an organization with a big brain and an even bigger heart.


Every dollar given to the ACCRF is immediately turned toward research. They have no endowment and all administrative expenses are covered by contributions from their “Circle of Sustenance” donors, allowing 100% of other contributions to be applied to research. This intense directive focused on a cure has no peer in the cancer research community.

My story is hopeful because of ACCRF. After serendipitously reading Marnie’s heroic and inspiring story in The Wall Street Journal, I contacted her. I know ACCRF IS going to find my cure. Six years later, I’m blessed to call Marnie a close friend and partner in my journey.

Please consider showing your support for this wonderful organization today. With every dollar donated, you’re helping people like me get that much closer to the reality of a cure.

With hope, anything is possible!

To read more about Marnie and Jeff Kaufman and ACCRF, check out their amazing story in the Carolina Alumni Review. Visit ACCRF online for more information and inspiring patient stories.