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A best friend…

mike and matt

Can you say Chompers?

Thank goodness that I clicked onto Facebook yesterday. By doing so I was reminded that my best friend, Matt McCormick had his birthday.

We met some 43 years ago, in the first grade. Mrs. Harper was our teacher’s name, and the bond she nurtured in us would only get stronger.

We started out getting hit by a car riding double, and man did that ever get us into trouble.

We were banned from ever being in the same class again. A very smart move by the administration at hand.

We got back together in junior high, and man was that a mistake from way up high.

All involved agreed that high school apart would be a restart. But that worked out not to be so smart.

With sneak outs, car keys, and beer on tap, trouble was lurking right on the map.

We made it through college and did plenty together, but soon marriage came calling and that could change things forever.

Of course it didn’t and we’re still best friends forever. And now I need my best friend more than ever.

Thank you Matt, for being my wingman.
Through thick and thin, and for doing all that you can,
I love you, my brother, and I’m your biggest fan!


Go Niners!!


every damn day

A friend in need



Will you take this hand?


matt and mike

Growing old


And no one better!!

6 Responses to “ “A best friend…”

  1. Stephen Fung says:

    You guys are awesome!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ah, what a nice paean. You and Matt are so lucky to have each other as such good, lifelong friends.

  3. Carolyn McCormick says:

    This brought back so many memories of the two of you, and the close bond you had from the time you both were in Mrs Harper’s class at Cooper School. The ideas you both could think up, it’s really best that I did not find out until much later in
    your lives and mine! I enjoyed this very much, reading it brought a smile and laugh, “Thank You”!

  4. Kristen the Smiss says:

    The smiles say it all! xo kristen

  5. Robynn Ridley Myers says:

    Hello Mike & Matt~! What a great story. I remember those Cooper days well. I’m now just learning of your fight.
    You are a brave man and my thoughts & prayers are with you every step.
    Love and well wishes to you for the Holidays too. XOXOX

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